CBD Cream 8%

Extract by natural methods, full-spectrum CBD Cream 8%.

This product have a THC content that does not exceed 0.2%.

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CBD Cream 8% | 50ml is extracted by natural methods. Full-spectrum CBD Cream for cutaneous use.

Ingredients: 80% hemp oil 10% CBD, 0.2% THC and 20% beeswax.
CBD Cream 8% | 50ml is a 100% natural and certified product. Does not contain chemical compounds or synthetic additives.

Special formula designed for: chronic rheumatism, arthritis, muscle stretching, lumbar discopatía, disc hernia, psoriasis, fungal infections of the shin, in case of various burns.
Strong anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic.

Skin treatment 2-3 times a day.

Use within 3 months of purchase.
Keep in a cold and dark place.

Extracted from BIO certified plants.

Grown in the European Community.

THC content that does not exceed 0.2%

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